Child Watch is a short-term drop-in service designed for children ages 3 months through 9 years of age. This service allows members and guests to drop their child/children off, for no additional charge for up to two (2) hours per day, while they are able to utilize the facility or participate in a Kroc Center program or activity. NOTE: Parents/guardians must remain in the Kroc Center facility (inside or outside) for the duration of the child’s visit to Child Watch. We adhere closely to state regulations and guidelines; however, Child Watch is not a licensed child care service. The staff maintains high standards of service that ensure the safety and well-being of all participants. All staff is trained in CPR, First Aid, and Safe from Harm as well as has experience working with children.


MONDAY-FRIDAY: 8:00 AM – 1:00 PM

4:00 PM – 8:00 PM

SATURDAY: 8:00 AM – 1:00 PM

As of October 2016

SUNDAY: 12:00 PM – 4:30 PM


There is a 2 hour maximum time limit per day. Child Watch is a limited availability drop-in only service that is first come, first serve. Capacity is determined based on the ages and activity levels of the children. We use our discretion when determining capacity. Time will be kept by the clock located in the Child Watch area via Kid Check (Note: This time can be split for one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening, if desired).

For every 10 minutes over the scheduled pick-up time, a late fee of $10.00 will be charged per child.

You are given a warning the 1st time you are late and the 2nd time you will incur a fee. Parents or guardians who receive a 3rd infraction of the policy or lack of payment; Child Watch privileges will be suspended.

Anytime you are called, you must report directly to Child Watch. To avoid missed calls, we recommend you keep your cell phone visible, accessible and near you at all times. Parents/guardians should not use headphones while their child is in the Child Watch department. If a called is missed, you will be given a warning. If it occurs again, you will incur a fee.

Child Watch staff reserves the right to contact parents at any time to pick up their child if your child:

-Becomes ill

-Continuously cries for an extended period of time

-Has serious disciplinary problems

-Does not adjust in a positive manner

-Has an accident – physically or a potty accident.


Prior to bringing your child to Child Watch, we ask that you pre-register your child for our services online at or via Kroc website (

-Go to Membership

-Choose Child Watch

-Click on Visit this Link (It is highlighted in blue and is above

the Hours of Operation.) When filling out your child/s registration it’s very important to fill out any allergies (e.g. peanuts, fruits, pollen, etc.). Also, list any medical conditions (e.g. Asthma, Epilepsy or anything else you feel we should be made aware of to be able to best look after your child/children). This may include any developmental issues (e.g. ADHD, learning disabilities, etc.). This is not to label your child/children, but to present the best environment, keep your child/children safe while promoting their independence to enable them to have a great experience while with us at Child Watch. CHILD WATCH CHECK IN /OUT POLICIES AND PROCEDURES -All children must be scanned or signed in at the main Kroc Center Welcome desk with a parent or guardian. -To check your child/children into the Child Watch department the Parents/guardians will scan their membership card again at the Child Watch area where their cell phone number will be obtained in order to get access to their Kid Check account. Information including the child’s name, time-in, parent/guardian name and parents location. This is to be verified by the Child Watch staff (Note: if another guardian will be collecting your child from the Child Watch department he/she needs to be on the Kid check account and please inform the Child Watch staff of this as it’s for the safety of your child/children). -A printed Sticker will then be placed on the child’s back, and the parent/guardian will also receive a sticker with a matching code and the time of check in printed on the right bottom corner off the sticker. The sticker must remain on the child and the parent/guardian must hand in the sticker when coming to check-out his/her child/children. -Only the parent/guardian with the sticker will be allowed to pick up the child/children. -The parent/guardian may be required to show a valid picture ID or scan their Kroc membership card if they have misplaced their sticker. -The Child Watch staff is responsible for verifying that the child’s sticker code matches that of the parent/guardian sticker code on collection. -The Child Watch staff will collect both the parent/ guardian’s and the child’s sticker before exiting the Child Watch area.


Last updated 09.16.2016


In an effort to ensure the health and safety of all Child Watch participants and staff members, the following guidelines have been established:


Children with a contagious illness or fever are not permitted to use Child Watch. In order to prevent the spread of germs, the staff reserves the right to deny a child/children entry to Child Watch if the child/children appear to be sick. If the child gets sick during their appointment, the parent/guardian will be notified immediately and informed of the child’s condition to remove the child from the area as quickly as possible.


Child Watch staff CANNOT at any time administer medication to children. It is very important for children with Asthma who use an inhaler to carry it with them, as we sometimes do physical activities in our program. We strongly recommend children with severe allergies who require an Epi pen to carry this with them in a labeled bag. In order to provide a safe environment for our children, please do not to carry any unnecessary medications in their bags.


Prior to arrival, you should attend to the child’s restroom needs as much as possible.

-In order to meet your child’s needs, we require extra diapers to be labeled and left for use.

-If your child is being potty trained, please leave an extra set of clothes as accidents occasionally happen.


-Children 4 years and older are to use the bathroom with no adult (or additional) assistance.

-It is generally understood that children under 4 years of age will require the assistance of our Child Watch staff.

-Only 1 child is permitted in the bathroom at a time.

-Everyone must wash their hands with soapy warm water after using the bathroom.


Children should wear clothing that is conducive to an active indoor and outdoor environment. Children will be coloring, playing outside on occasion, and participating in other activities that may cause a mess, therefore, you should dress your children appropriately.



In order to maintain a safe and fun environment for children of all ages, the following rules must be followed and enforced consistently.


-No running in the room at any time.

-No yelling or screaming.

-Keep hands and feet to yourself at all times.

-No name calling or inappropriate language.

-Follow directions from Child Watch staff.

-Put toys back where you found them.

-No playing “guns” or any other violent actions or games.

-Children must wash their hands with soapy warm water upon entering to the Child Watch room or use hand sanitizer to minimize the germs.


-For babies and toddlers, only comfort toys such as blankets and stuffed animals are permitted.

-In order to foster an environment for physical activity and sharing, we ask that children do not bring in any outside / personal toys. Each month, we will host a Show and Tell Day for children to bring in their favorite toys.

-Due to the age range of the children in our care and choking hazards, staff may ask children to put away small objects they may have brought with them (such as hair clips, coins, etc.).

-Electronic hand held games such as Game Boys, iPads or cell phones are permitted; however, the Kroc Center is not responsible for lost or stolen items. We promote physical activity so we highly recommend that all electronic devices are left at home.


-Due to food allergies, Child Watch is a snack-free zone. However, drinks are allowed in covered containers.

-Drinks must be labeled with the child’s name and contained in unbreakable, lid- covered, spill-proof containers.


-On occasion, we use the playground area of the Kroc Center. Playground equipment is designed for kids 5 years and older. For safety purposes, we also take our younger members onto the field for fun.


-Occasionally, the television and DVD player will be used in Child Watch. We will show only Kroc management approved children’s programming and movies.

-We also have an iPad that children use individually in 5 minute increments.

(Note: We understand that not all parents want their child/ children to watch TV or play on the IPad, though staff will try to accommodate this, this may not always be possible for the TV as there are many cases where babies/toddlers are crying and children’s nursery rhythms will be played on the TV to help calm them down).