Kroc Church in the Memphis community exists to connect people to a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ.

At Kroc Church we are making radical followers of Jesus Christ who love inclusively, serve helpfully and disciple effectively in the communities where we live.

Being part of The Salvation Army Kroc Church allows us a number of different ways to create community. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you find yourself in life, we would love to have you join us as we love, serve, and disciple together to fulfill the mission in which Christ has called us.


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Captains Lorie and Mark Hunter

Captains Lorie and Mark Hunter were commissioned as Captains in June 2007. They have a love for people and ministry where they strive to be a positive influence and an example to others. The Hunters love The Salvation Army for many reasons mostly because of the great spiritual and humanitarian work The Salvation Army does globally. The Salvation Army is rich with supporters, donors, and contributors who collectively join the world fight for life improvement through religious practice which is lived 

Captain Sarah Birks

Captain Sarah Birks is an Ordained Salvation Army Pastor in The Salvation Army and has just started her 13th year as an Officer in The Salvation Army. Her faith is very important to her, as is her relationship with Jesus Christ. She has a compassionate heart and loves meeting new people from all walks of life and establishing relationships with them. Captain Sarah enjoys taking time to make sure people around her feel connected and know that they belong.

Meet the Worship Team


Devonte Lawson
 Salvation Army Corps Mission Associate

Mid-Week Discipleship

The Salvation Army Kroc Center offers opportunities for fellowship and learning all week long, including Community Groups, Bible Studies, and more.